Case Studies

University of Bristol Eco-Duo Study

As part of the development process, a four-storey installation of Water Kinetics Eco-Duo pipe system was installed in 2017 at the University of Bristol to monitor the energy saving potential of the pipework system. It was this project that began to really identify the extent to which Eco-Duo saves energy. After monitoring the system for 18 months, Bristol saw a reduction of 52% in KWh per day and, because there was virtually no reduction in temperature from the heater to the outlet, a previously persistent problem with Legionella within the pipework system was completely eradicated.


This project is currently installed within the University and is continuing to bring significant cost savings and safety benefits.

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BRE Study

Water Kinetics have undertaken a comprehensive study with Building Research Establishment in Watford during 2019. The study focused on a comparison of a traditional potable water re-circulation system versus the Water Kinetics Eco-Duo pipe system. 


The type of pipework, fittings, pump, insulation and heater used was identical for the two tests. The results proved to be very conclusive and mirrored the on-going testing at the University of Bristol. It showed that Eco-Duo does in fact save up to 50% of energy costs on-going. It also demonstrated how effective the system is in keeping hot water hot with an outgoing water temperature of 61 degrees and a return temperature of 60 degrees.