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Would it be possible to view an installation?

Yes, we have a large installation at Bristol University where we can arrange for a viewing.

Is your product British Made?

Yes, our copper pipes are produced by Yorkshire Tube & Lawton's. Our press fittings are all manufactured by Sanha. Once manufactured, our product is assembled in our factory in East Kilbride.

How is it sized compared to traditional systems?

Not too different at all! The pump speed is slightly increased to compensate for the loss in flow through the main pipe. The sizing of the pipes are different as you only have to specify the outer pipe.

Flow and pressure data is also available on request.

What is our pipe sizing?

Our pipe sizing is as follows:

Outer -- Inner

15mm - 6mm

22mm - 8mm

28mm - 10mm

35mm - 15mm

42mm - 15mm

54mm - 22mm

66.7mm - 22mm

76mm - 28mm

108mm - 35mm

What holds the inner pipe?

Inside the copper pipe we have stainless steel coils, which are also available for supply separately for cutting in pipework. Inside the press fittings, we have separators to hold the inner pipes in place.

Can the plumbers bend the product on site?

Water Kinetics does not recommend bending the product as this can damage the internal pipework.

Do you have any independent certification or approval?

Yes, Our whole Eco-Duo range has been awarded approval by both WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) & KIWA.

How do the inner pipes join together?

The inner pipes are joined together with a push-fit mechanism, with one pipe slightly inside the other.

So how do you know the inner pipe isn't leaking?

Fortunately, even if the pipe was to leak, the leakage would be minimal due to the amount of pressure between the pipes. In all our testing there hasn't been any widespread leakage, however, commissioning valves would allow the system to be balanced, and temperature gauges can also be added.

Will there be training for the installers?

Yes! We can offer training for installers if required. We also have QR codes available on each fitting, when scanned it enables the installer to view a simple installation instruction video on their device while on site.

How does it fit to an existing pump?

With the Water Kinetics Confluence Tee, we are able to transform a traditional 2-pipe system into a pipe-within-a-pipe system, which can also be used in other areas of your water system, for drain valves etc.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, there's a 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects, which is also backed by insurance.

Why Copper Pipe and not Plastic?

We have chosen copper for its natural anti-microbial properties, in conjunction with its recyclability.

Can we supply diagrams or cross-sections of the joint fittings?

Yes, we can supply sample cross-section. All of our data sheets are available on our website. BIM files available on request.

On the secondary return will it return the same amount?

No, Eco-Duo will return slightly less water, as it does not need to heat as much water as traditional systems do.

Is there certified data regarding energy loss?

Yes, we have a wealth of information on it from tests with BRE.

Frequently Asked Questions

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