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What is Eco-Duo?

Our Eco-Duo pipe system is truly a game changer in the world of potable water systems and plumbing supplies. Our revolutionary system provides great temperature retention, saving up to 50% in energy usage. The benefits don't stop there, insulation and pipe fixing materials are reduced by half, which in turn reduces installation times by 50%.

As it is a one pipe system, it is easier and less time consuming to install. Any requirement to cut the piping once it is installed, is done using the traditional method currently used by plumbers.

Unlike traditional copper pipe systems, Eco-Duo brings the circulating water right up to the point of use, eliminating the possibility of dead legs in the system. This benefit, added to the stability of temperature, goes a long way in the fight against all water-borne pathogens including Legionella, keeping building users safe.

Another unique aspect of our system is that our Continuous Isolation Valve allows water to constantly circulate around the system, even when parts of the water supply need to be isolated.

Our unique Confluence Tee fitting allows Eco-Duo to be fitted to all types of heating or cooling devices. The system does not require any specialised taps, instead fitting to current tap configurations.

Features and Benefits

Feature and Benefits Anchor

Impressive Safety

Eco-Duo is proven to reduce the risk of water-borne pathogens, including Legionella and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, keeping not only hot water hot, but cold water cold. Our pipe system also eliminates any dead legs, keeping building users safe from infection.

Faster Installation and Material Cost Savings

With Eco-Duo’s pipe-within-a-pipe-system, we can cut installation times, component costs, pipework fittings and duct space in half.

Temperature Retention

Eco-Duo’s unique pipe-within-a-pipe design makes it an extremely efficient system, meaning virtually no reduction in temperature from heater to outlet, saving up to 50% in energy costs.


Water Kinetics recognises its duty to take care of the environment. To demonstrate, Water Kinetics only sources their copper from companies who utilise a high degree of recyclable material within the metals they supply.

All materials Water Kinetics use can be 100% recycled. In addition, all packaging that is used for Eco-Duo is made from 100% recycled and recyclable material.

Reduction in Energy Costs and CO2e

Impressive temperature retention contributes to a decrease in energy consumption, with savings reaching up to 50%. Over a projected 5 year period, Eco-Duo is forecast to save over 2.4 million Tonnes of CO2e - the equivalent to 985 million average car journeys.

WRAS and KIWA Certified

Eco-Duo is also WRAS and KIWA certified - ensuring that Eco-Duo conforms to the Water Supply regulations and is fit for use with UK plumbing systems. Full details of both certifications are available on the Water Kinetics website.

See How Eco-Duo Reduces Installation Time/Costs By Up To 50%

EcoDuo vs Traditional

The Story Behind Eco-Duo

All of us at Water Kinetics are very proud to be part of the inspiring story of how Eco-Duo was invented.


Maxwell Bridges, one of our founding Directors, has always been someone to think about how things can be improved, and how solutions to problems can be found.


A great lover of nature documentaries, Maxwell was watching a show on how penguins in the Antarctic keep warm and prevent their feet from sticking to the ice, when a moment of inventive inspiration came upon him.

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Penguins have an ingenious vascular heat-retention mechanism within their feet, creating a counter current heat exchange from the blood traveling to the feet, keeping the blood warm as it travels back to the heart.

This system allows penguins to withstand the below freezing temperatures of the South Pole, ensuring blood is flowing at an even temperature throughout their bodies.

Maxwell believed that if it can work for blood vessels, then it could work for pipework systems!

BREEM and LEED Certification

We are thrilled to have an 'excellent' score in the BREEAM and LEED certification schemes.

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