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Our CPD Course

Water Kinetics, through independent testing, has discovered that conventional water recirculation pipe systems aren’t able to control their temperatures effectively. Conventional water pipe systems, in part due to poor temperature regulation and lack of complete recirculation e.g., dead-legs, risk developing water-borne pathogens such as Legionella and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.


Pathogens can spread rapidly, causing surrounding equipment and sanitaryware to become contaminated. For pathogens to thrive, they need a habitable environment, such as static water and non-microbial surfaces like plastics. Once unleashed, pathogens can spread easily via aerosol or physical touch. In areas such as hospitals, this contamination can prove deadly to patients with weaker immune systems, such as new-borns or individuals with autoimmune disorders.


Our Eco-Duo pipe system is designed to deal with the development of pathogens from the onset. Our pipe-within-a-pipe system ensures that water is continuously recirculating right through to point-of-use, stopping pathogens from developing in static water conditions. Additionally, the main material used for our copper pipes and fittings is anti-microbial in nature, meaning that pathogens cannot easily develop on its surface.


We offer a Continuing Personal Development (CPD) course in order to provide architects and engineers with the information needed to keep water systems pathogen-free. The hour-long course, titled “Controlling Water-Borne Pathogens in Hot and Cold-Water Systems.”, provides insight into the challenges of keeping water systems safe, common problems and issues that systems are facing, current guidance and how it aids managing systems correctly and lastly system design on how to improve upon it moving forward.


This course can be conducted either on teams/zoom or in person, subject to company and individual preference. Forty-five minutes of the course is dedicated to the presentation, with fifteen minutes available for any questions.

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