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As a company, we recognise our responsibility with regards to helping the environment, which is why Water Kinetics has been built with sustainability as a core foundational value. All choices we make are made with our impact on the environment in mind, from our inner workings to our outgoing products. With this focus, we can guarantee that our incoming materials are just as eco-friendly as the product that we produce.

50% Energy Reduction

Eco-Duo reduces the total amount of energy used, as water is kept at a stable temperature throughout the system to the point of use, thanks to its inventive recirculation system. This is apparent with our Bristol University installation, as well as studies undertaken by BRE. ​Our system is beneficial for large commercial buildings, enabling substantial energy savings - up to 50%!

This is due in part to the temperature retention properties of the Eco-Duo system, resulting in less energy needed to heat water than traditional pipe systems. ​In addition, all energy used in our premises comes from certified carbon neutral suppliers, meaning that in terms of carbon impact, Water Kinetics sets the standard.

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Ecological Impact Reduction

The copper, brass, and stainless steel used in Eco-Duo are 100% recyclable.

Our use of copper is essential to Eco-Duo's sustainability, given that the material can be recycled without losing its chemical composition.

All packaging used in our products is sourced from 100% recycled materials. This includes internal packaging.

How to Recycle Our Packaging

Boxes: Our boxes are made from 100% recyclable materials. They can be disposed of at general recycling bins or plants.


Internal Packaging: We use soluble packing peanuts, due to their ability to not keep the product safe, but completely dissolve in water, further proving our commitment to cut down on waste.


Plastics: We are determined to avoid plastics wherever possible. However, any plastic packaging used is Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE), meaning it is fully recyclable. Please check your local authority for recycling information.

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