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Revolutionary Pipe-Work Systems Saves 50% in Energy and Carbon and Continues to Make Building Safer – 5 Years On.

David McEwan

25 Jan 2023

Revolutionary Pipe-Work Systems Saves 50% in Energy and Carbon and Continues to Make Building Safer – 5 Years On.

Water Kinetics’ Eco-Duo pipe system is designed to be incorporated in new buildings but is equally capable of being adapted to replace whole or partial existing systems, while still achieving significant energy savings, as demonstrated with the installation in Canynge Hall, University of Bristol. 


There was a requirement for a replacement of a DHWS in a four-storey building with multiple sink and basin outlets on each floor and following discussions with the senior engineer, sustainability, and a suitable contractor, it was agreed to replace the conventional installation with the Water Kinetics Eco-Duo system.


Prior to replacement with Eco-Duo system, a new calorifier had been installed in 2017 and energy use of the old system was monitored for 7 months. The Water Kinetics system was subsequently installed and has been continually monitored for over 5 years, starting to provide immediate and long-term benefits for the University of Bristol. In particular, energy consumption prior to the installation of Eco-Duo stood at 30.18 KwH per day over the December period, and a year later and with Eco-Duo installed, this dropped to 16.09 KwH per day; within three years, this figure equated to 16.28 KwH per day. At its maximum, the University of Bristol has seen a reduction in energy consumption and associated carbon reductions of up to 52% with an average of 49.7%.


This installation is still located within the University and continues to bring significant cost savings and safety benefits, as well as providing excellent protection against Legionella. In addition, our system has proven to be very reliable, as there have been no reported incidents of our system being damaged or malfunctioning or requiring any assistance from our team.  


Experts agree that our Eco-duo system provides significant energy saving and safety benefits:

“The Eco-Duo pipework system has begun to revolutionise water systems within buildings. Since its installation during the remodel (at the University of Bristol), a previously persistent problem with Legionella and other water-borne organisms within the old and new pipework systems has been completely eradicated - due to the consistent temperature of the water and the lack of dead legs within the Eco-Duo system. On top of this, the energy cost savings have been greatly reduced, by half. In my opinion the innovative Eco-Duo pipe system is the future of pipework.”

-          David Harper, IHEEM Expert / Public Health Consultant

If you would like to know more information regarding our amazing pipe system, please contact us either by email:; visit our website at:; or contact us via telephone: 0141 280 9585.

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