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Water Kinetics Announces Strategic Partnership with SANHA GMBH

Kyle Wallace

6 Sept 2022

Award-winning Water Kinetics announces partnership with press-fit specialist SANHA

The award-winning pipework manufacturing company, Water Kinetics, has announced a strategic supply partnership with the SANHA group, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of press fit pipe systems.

The SANHA group has not only had national success across the UK, but also internationally throughout mainland Europe, Asia and Australia. The strong, globe-spanning foundations of the SANHA group are what convinced Water Kinetics of the positive prospects of such a partnership.

Sven Kalbitzer of SANHA has said, “combipress by SANHA is a three-in-one package that helps plumbers save time and gain peace of mind. Firstly, there’s the tool compatibility, meaning that metallic SANHA fittings can be pressed with SA, V or M jaws up to and including 54mm and SA and M up to 108mm. Secondly, there’s the leak path feature. Simply said, unpressed or forgotten connections will leak when tested, adding yet another layer of safety. Lastly, Push & Stay. Ever tried to handle slings and the press machine while pushing the fitting onto the pipe? Push & Stay means that the fitting will hold onto the pipe and not fall off."

This cooperative venture will ensure that the revolutionary pipe-within-a-pipe system Eco-Duo, produced by Water Kinetics, will be reinforced by only some of the best and most strictly regulated fittings that the market can offer.

Eco-Duo has already been specified on a large number of projects and has won several accolades including the CIBSE award for innovation, the National Building and Construction awards and the national technology Award to name a few. Water Kinetics is expecting to soon become the market leader in potable water pipework systems with its patented pipe-within-a-pipe technology, already proving that it can cut energy costs by 50% as well as carbon usage and installation times by half.

For more information on Water Kinetics and Eco-Duo, visit or to learn more about SANHA group, visit

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