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Water Kinetics Attends Inaugural SoPHE South West Event

Kyle Wallace

5 Jul 2024

The Society of Public Health Engineers (SoPHE) held their inaugural event in the South West of the UK.

The gathering was held at the Bristol Stable on the 6th of June and has already proved very successful for the society. 

Present was Water Kinetics’ Managing Director Jonathan Waggott, one of the sponsoring Industrial Associates helping to make the event possible.  

SoPHE’s event was poised to help Industrial Associates network and liaise with other SoPHE members, in order to help advertise the benefits their services and products provided. 

“It was an honour to help sponsor the event” says Jonathan upon attending SoPHE’s inaugural event, “Water Kinetics has been very fortunate and found the night to be very worthwhile in helping to bolster our client base whilst networking with members and other associates.” 

Water Kinetics were also able to advertise Eco-Duo, their award-winning pipe-within-a-pipe recirculation system.  

The Eco-Duo pipe system is truly a game changer in the world of potable water systems and plumbing supplies. Eco-Duo provides great temperature retention, saving up to 50% in energy usage. The benefits don't stop there, as insulation and pipe fixing materials are reduced by half, which in turn reduces installation times by 50%. 

For more on Water Kinetics, visit or email 

For more on the Society of Public Health Engineers, visit  

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