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Water Kinetics Founder Re-Elected to Water Management Society Council

Kyle Wallace

8 Dec 2023

Jonathan Waggott, co-founder and managing director of Water Kinetics, has been re-elected to the Water Management Society council.

“It is a great honour to have been re-elected to the council” says Jonathan, “As a member for many years I understand the importance of the Water Management Society and hope to keep promoting safety, compliance and awareness throughout my tenure.” 


The Water Management Society (WMSoc) is a not-for-profit organisation with a focus on providing technical and practical information to companies and individuals within the water management sector. For the past 50 years the Water Management Society has aided in giving the most up-to-date instruction for best practice on preventing illness and pathogen spread. 


The organisation also promotes many conferences and events throughout the year, giving speakers the chance to spread awareness and instruction on how to improve water safety for all. The Water Management Society also publishes Waterline, an online journal for the latest news, research, and articles of interest to the water management industry.  


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