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Water Kinetics Launch Solder Fittings Range for Eco-Duo

Kyle Wallace

8 Dec 2023

Water Kinetics has announced the launch of solder fittings for their single pipe recirculation system.

The new solder range helps complement the existing Eco-Duo press-fit range of fittings. Whilst press-fit provides a quick and simple method of pipework installation, Water Kinetics has decided to also offer solder fittings to improve ensure all specifications and installation preferences are available. Further benefits of solder fittings can be seen in their connections making dismantling much easier in the event of replacing or repairs. 


The Eco-Duo pipe system is truly a game changer in the world of potable water systems and plumbing supplies. Eco-Duo provides great temperature retention, saving up to 50% in energy usage. The benefits don't stop there, as insulation and pipe fixing materials are reduced by half, which in turn reduces installation times by 50%. 


For more information on Eco-Duo’s solder fittings range and Eco-Duo as a system, visit or email  

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